On the road to love

This is an LGBT+ Advice blog.
You can scroll through here to see what it's about but I'll give you something more to read. I started this blog because I had a lot of friends on my personal tumblr asking me for help on the issue, so I mad a tumblr for this. I answer all questions with the best answers I can get and if I'm unsure I will refer you places I know you can get answers.
I started this because not only did I get a lot of questions on my personal, but because I care about each and every one of you even if I don't really KNOW you. I don't want you to be another statistic. If you feel like no one else cares- stop, and know that I do. :)

1. If you want to know any advice on how to come out, please see the link next to the ask button. It is everything you need to know. If there is a question unanswered, I will be happy to answer.
2. I do accept personal questions. I know I would be curious as to who is answering the questions I have.
3. Hate is never accepted. I will not start and argument. I will end it abruptly if you hate on anything I say on here or the LGBT+ community in general.
4. If you do not want your identity known or your problem- come off anonymous and ask me to answer privately. If you want my personal tumblr, come off anonymous and I will give it to you privately. :)

Never give up!

^^^ Other Advice non-LGBT related.
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